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Cell Salvage in Cardiac Surgery


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Cell Salvage:
Intra-operative blood salvage (autologous blood salvage); recovering blood lost during surgery and re-infusing it into the patient. It has been used for many years as risks associated with allogenic blood transfusion-( genetically different although belonging to or obtained from the same species) have seen greater publicity and more fully appreciated. Several medical devices have been developed to assist in salvaging the patient's own blood in the peri-operative setting. These are used frequently in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, in which blood usage has traditionally been high. With a greater effort to avoid adverse events due to transfusion there as also been an emphasis on blood conservation. Regardless of manufacturer, there are many types of cell processors. Cell processors are red cell washing devices that collect anti-coagulated shed or recovered blood, wash and separate the red blood cells (RBCs) by centrifugation, and re-infuse the RBCs.